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Data Recovery

Data recovery, disaster recovery is a process of saving, rescuing, or salvaging data from any kind of storage media such as hard drive, raid, memory card, floppy, CD & DVD.
In a data recovery process, in order to extract data from a storage device, an expert first repairs the damage media, and then extracts the desired information with extensive care. Over the period of time, any storage medium encounters with two kinds of Failures. logical or physical.
Logical Failures: An inconsistent file system state causes a variety of logical problems to an operating system. Strange behavior directories, system crashes, and an actual loss of data are few examples of it.
Other Instances:
o Virus Attack
o Operating system not found
o Non system disk error
o Blue screen
o Corrupted partitions and file systems
o Missing Boot sector and MFT
o Purposely or unintentionally formatted or Deleted data
Physical Failure:
Physical Failure are also know as mechanical failures. They are more severe ones; they need an immediate replacement of the damaged parts.
o Dead Hard drive
o Head crash
o Burnt components
o Firm ware corruptions
o Clicking noise
o Dead DC spindle motor
o Dull Actuator