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RAID Data Recovery

Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks is another concept to store the data on two or more than two hard drives. Regardless of the file systems used in the RAID configurations Promise data recovery can recover data from it.
֍ RAID 0 : Without Fault Tolerance Striped Disk Array
֍ RAID 1 : Mirroring
֍ RAID 2 : ECC Hamming Code
֍ RAID 3 : Parity with parallel transfer
֍ RAID 4 : Shared Parity disk with Independent Data disks
֍ RAID 5 : Distributed parity blocks with Independent Data disks
֍ RAID 6 : Two independent distributed parity schemes with Independent Data disks
֍ RAID 7 : High Data Transfer Rates with Optimized Asynchrony for High I/O Rates
֍ RAID 10 :High Performance combined with Very High Reliability
֍ RAID 53 : Data Transfer Performance & High I/O Rates
֍ RAID 0+1: High Data Transfer Performance

List of Raid Failures
o Lost of data due to the expansion & reconstruction of array.
o One or more hard drives down in RAID
o Accidental replacement of RAID Drives
o Applications those are unable to run or load RAID data
o Corrupt RAID files / data
o Array controller failure
o Corrupted partition & invalid volumes
o Failure of one or more hard drives
o Registry configuration lost
o Damage due to fire and water

RAID data recovery from Windows based platform :

In windows raid implementations can be software or hardware or both mainly known as Hybrid. Furthermore, Raid0, Raid1, and Raid5 are common raid structures used in Windows Os family.

RAID data recovery from Macintosh based platform :
HFS, HFS+, and UFS are few file systems use in X-Serve G4/G5, and X-SAN systems RAID configurations. These configurations can be Striped, spanned volume, Mirrored or Parity based RAID .

RAID data recovery from LINUX based platform :

Promise data recovery also recovers data from Linux based software RAID (multi-disk and EVMS) Inboard, outboard DASD (Direct Access Storage Device) boxes RAID, and disk controllers RAID.

RAID data recovery from UNIX based platform :

In addition, Promise Data recovery not only accomplishes raid recovery in Novell NetWare with Traditional and NSS file systems. But also support raid recovery from Unix SCO Open Server, different flavors of BSD, Solaris, HP-UX with 15+ file systems including UFS, VxFS, JFS, FFS.

Note: Please do not forget to give the numberings to the drives while taking them out from any servers. If possible ship or bring all the components originally used in the configuration of the Raid structure which includes controller card, utility software and cables.